Best Colors for a Home Office

Colors for a Home OfficeIf you have a home office, chances are you use it quite a lot.  Because of this, it’s important to create a space that is inspiring and energizing, but also something that suites your personality.  Unlike your cubicle or office at work, this is a part of your home, so really you can paint it however you want.  If you are starting with a blank canvas though, such as white walls, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at what colors to choose for your specific room.  Thankfully, if you keep reading below, you will see a few ideas that we have come up with to help you along the way or possible even get your creative juices flowing to come up with some of your own ideas.  All of these colors are not only ideas for you, but they are also options for color-psychology i.e; colors that make you feel certain things, which may be an important asset if you work from home!



If you take a look at Google right now and do a search for productive office colors, chances are most of the articles you read are going to tell you that one of the most productive color choices is the color blue.  Blue is one of those colors that is fantastic if you need a way to get your mind stimulated.  Not only can you use an interior painter in Winnipeg to paint your walls blue, but you can also bring in a few different accessories to create the same effect like a blue blanket on your couch, blue paintings on the wall or blue lamp shades.  The color blue is a great asset for your home office, not only because it stimulates the brain, but also because it helps you concentrate better.  Especially important if you are working in your home office for long periods of time.  If you want a more balanced feel, try bringing in other colors like yellow or orange.  Blue tends to be a cooler color, but yellow or orange will add a pop of color and bring in warmth to the room which creates a better balance.



Chances are if you are in a creative profession like a hairstylist, writer, painter or illustrator, blue is not going to be the best color choice.  However, yellow will give you the inspiration you need.  Yellow helps bring out your creative side and will stimulate your inner self and inner creativity.  Chances are if you bring a little yellow into your home office, even by way of some accessories, you will start to feel more creative and more inspired.  Try it out and see what happens.  If yellow is not something you really like, you can try shades or hues of paint that have the color yellow in them such as Akamina CLW1013W, Snowshoe Trail CLW1014W, Chablis CL2763M.  These are all General Paint brands.



If you need a color that is going to get your blood pumping and get you pshy7cially excited, motivated and energized; red is the color of your choice.  This color is specifically known for raising your blood pressure in a good way and raising your heart rate.  This is why it’s such an energetic color!  When people think about the color red, they usually think of words like ambition, energy and vigor, which just might be what you need in your home office.  On the other hand, if you have a really stressful job full of tension and deadlines, red probably won’t work well for you, and may make you feel antsy, tied down, or worse – more stressed than you need to be.



Green is actually one of those colors that our eyes see more than any other color believe it or not.  Green is also a very relaxing and balanced color.  In fact, most companies that offer interior painter will tell you that the #1 color that people paint their bedroom is green.  It helps you sleep better, and it evokes a sense of positivity that no other color can offer.  It’s also the color of money, if that helps you out!  Green offers a balance of relaxation and calm as well as productivity and stability – perfect for people that have a task at hand and need to get it done on time.

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