Top Exterior Paint Colors for 2015

Exterior ColorsPsssst. Yeah you. You know who you are. It’s time, ya know. How many years have you been saying to yourself, “Time to paint the house,” only to put it off for another day, another week, another year? Well, the time for excuses is done, especially since certain forces within your Winnipeg home are getting pretty angry that you haven’t done it yet. So, now that you’ve finally put painting your house on the front burner, what next? What color or colors should you choose for exterior painting in your Winnipeg home? You could just throw a fresh coat of the same colors over it, but what would be the point of that? Sure, you’ll have a freshly painted house when you’re done, but since chances are good that you don’t want to do this again anytime soon, maybe you should think about trying a whole new color palette. Following is information on the latest color trends in exterior painting in Winnipeg for 2015. Read More


How to Make Your Home Look Younger

Small Room Painting

Natural colors on a home

The debate around injecting medical grade plastic into people to make them look younger is still continuing. Luckily, making your house appear years younger requires (generally) far less investment and does not require you to go through a period of being bandaged up. Updating your home’s exterior can be a great way to up its curb appeal and resale value, but it can also be meaningful for those not planning to sell. Re-beautifying your property makes you look at the familiar in a new light and reminds you of what you love about the place you call home. Read on for tips on how you can renew your Winnipeg home using exterior painting. Read More


Types of Exterior Paint

Solvent Based Paint

Solvent Based Yellow Paint

One of the most important aspects of a DIY exterior painting project is choosing the right type of paint. When choosing the correct paint there are several things to consider such as the type and condition of the surface to be painted, the age of the surface as well as the paint that was used previously on the surface, if any. There are basically two types of paint that are used for exterior house painting in Winnipeg. The paints that might be used fall into either a water based latex paint or a solvent based paint, also called oil based or alkyds. Latex paints use water for the liquid part of the composition while oil based paints use a petroleum distillate mixed with other organic solvents for the liquid base. Nearly three fourths of all paints sold today are latex varieties. The do-it-yourselfer uses latex or water based paints for both interior and exterior painting projects. It is important to select the best paint type for a particular project. Read More


Tips for Exterior Painting

Exterior home remodel prep

Prepping a home for painting

The rewards are great for doing your own exterior painting but that does not mean that it is by any means an easy task. A Winnipeg homeowner can save literally thousands of dollars, extend the life of their house and even increase the value of the home simply by finishing an exterior painting project. It’s a relatively quick way to make the home look new all over again. House painting is not an inexpensive project, but it can be substantially less expensive than hiring a professional. It will also take many hours of careful consideration and hard work to ensure that the job is done right. Here are some tips for exterior painting projects. Read More


Chalking Stucco

Pressure Washer attachment

Pressure Washer

Paint will not adhere to a chalking surface — at least not for long. This is very common occurrence in Winnipeg stucco homes and one surprisingly often forgotten — even by contractors. Before you paint or get someone else to paint wipe your hand across the surface, if it comes off white you have chalking. It has to go. Read More


Go Jets Go!

large_img_0171Jets colours for a Jets fan. This was interesting in as much we spotted some remaining chalking of the surface despite pressure washing three times, so we put an additive into the first coat that will ensure adhesion to the surface.

A Happy Client

“Good morning Stephen,

I have received numerous compliments on my house already, and my fellow Jets fanatics are very impressed with the colors!

I just wanted to say “thank you” to you and your crew once again for doing a GREAT job, and for the little extras you did for me. It is greatly appreciated!


Kevin Grant”