Nursery Design Trends for Boys

Nursery Design for BoysIt seems like when you read nursery articles these days, it’s all about girl’s rooms, what colors to paint the walls, what designs to use, etc.  If you’re having a boy and you want help with colors and designs, THIS is the article to read, not all those other ones because this is all about nursery design trends for boys, and I have included everything from the top color trends, to designs, and everything in between.  You can use the following ideas below for some inspiration in order to help you create an amazing, stylish, and calming place for your baby to play, eat and of course sleep.  Enjoy! Read More


Nursery Design Trends for Girls

Nursery Design for GirlsAre you looking for the perfect nursery theme for your little girl?  As your little one claims an extra special place in your heart and life, she will also claim a spot in your house as well.  When it comes to babies, people tend to use certain colors, designs, or even animals for boys or girls.  For this article though, we will be covering an array of design trends specifically for nurseries for girls.  These trends include popular colors, materials, patterns and designs and more.  So if you plan on having a girl or you are already pregnant, continue to read below to make your life a little easier and hopefully a lot less stressful.  This is an amazing time in your life, so the room should have good vibes and be made with love! Read More


Best Colors for a Home Office

Colors for a Home OfficeIf you have a home office, chances are you use it quite a lot.  Because of this, it’s important to create a space that is inspiring and energizing, but also something that suites your personality.  Unlike your cubicle or office at work, this is a part of your home, so really you can paint it however you want.  If you are starting with a blank canvas though, such as white walls, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at what colors to choose for your specific room.  Thankfully, if you keep reading below, you will see a few ideas that we have come up with to help you along the way or possible even get your creative juices flowing to come up with some of your own ideas.  All of these colors are not only ideas for you, but they are also options for color-psychology i.e; colors that make you feel certain things, which may be an important asset if you work from home! Read More


Top Interior Paint Colors for 2015

Interior ColorsInterior painting is subjective, especially when it comes to the colors to choose. Every person in Winnipeg has his or her own different ideas about what the most attractive colors are for the various rooms in their homes. Some people like to paint with bold colors that bring a room to life, making them feel excited and energetic. Others prefer to paint with softer, more delicate hues that help to invoke an ambiance of romance or even mystery within their homes. Some folks like to paint for a unified look and feel throughout their entire homes, bringing the same color palette from the bedroom into the bathroom, on through the hallways, into the living room, kitchen, and so on. And still others prefer to paint with a totally different color scheme from one room to the next, often depending on which family members spend the most time there. Whatever style you choose for your Winnipeg home, you likely are searching for the most beautiful interior paint colors available in the paint industry for your next interior painting project. Following is information on the top interior paint colors for the upcoming 2015 season. Read More


Top Girl Colors

girls room decorAdmit it or not, girls and boys are different, and each gender has a view of the world unique to its own members. Sure, every kid has his or her own individual tastes, and every girl or boy is not going to agree with the group. The fact remains, though, that there still are colors that girls tend to choose over others, especially when it comes to a bedroom painting project. Whether the little girl in your life leans toward fairy princesses, ballet dancers, gardens, or even sports, choosing a color or color scheme is the first step to creating the bedroom of her dreams. No matter the age or personality, the preferences of girls when it comes to favorite colors remain as classic today as ever. Pinks and purples that express her individuality, greens and blues that enunciate her love of nature, and yellows and golds that articulate her sunny disposition and optimism for the future … these are the colors that girls in Winnipeg and throughout the country tend to choose to express their identities. Read More


Monochromatic Bedroom Colors

bedroom-officeWhen you think of a monochromatic color scheme, you immediately think of just blue or only green. Technically, you are right. And wrong. There are plenty of tricks and rules that will allow you to have a bedroom that isn’t bland, boring, and blah.

The rule is a monochromatic color scheme consists of a single COLOR that is either left pure OR mixed with grey, black OR white ONLY. Read More


Painting a Girls Room

Girls Room Painting

Girl’s room can be painted in colors other than pink

Most people think that the idea of blue for boys and pink for girls is strongly based in tradition. In fact, as late as the 1920s, the reverse was true! Today, these rules are quickly giving way to much more creative approaches when it comes to room design for children of all ages. Even so, a pink nursery for a baby girl or a bright pink room for your tween can be blended with other interior painting design elements to create a modern and unique look. Read More


Painting a Boys Room

Boys Room Painting

Younger boys’ room

The old tradition of blue for boys and pink for girls is fading away, and families now choose amongst many more creative uses of colors and patterns in children’s rooms. While this opens up many new possibilities, it can also be daunting to find just the right style for your room. If you’re thinking about redoing your child’s room, or if you’re welcoming a new addition to your family, read on to find out how to update your Winnipeg home’s interior to fit your young (or older) boy. Read More


How to Make a Small Room Look Larger

Small Room Painting

Avoiding bold color changes makes the room appear larger

At some point, we’ve all dreamed of the kinds of homes featured on HGTV or (MTV Cribs); you know, the kind with three pools and cavernous, open floor plans filled with antique furniture and Monet paintings. Unfortunately, most of us won’t get to realize this particular dream. Many homes, especially older ones, have at least one room with a less-than-ideal square footage. Luckily, you can find interior painting specialists for your Winnipeg home who can create the illusion of a larger space in an itty-bitty one using a few clever tricks. Read on to find out how you can make that bedroom, den, or office look a lot bigger! Read More


Painting a Nursery

Girl's Nursery Painting

Colorful girl’s nursery room

Every family is filled with anticipation and excitement at the thought of welcoming home a new baby. You’ve probably spent a lot of time in the past few months preparing for the arrival of your child, and it can be an overwhelming as well as exciting experience! Part of the preparation work certainly involves creating a beautiful and inviting nursery for your baby, where he can eat, sleep, and grow safely and happily. Toward this goal, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Style, safety, and functionality are all important elements of a nursery as you and your child will spend much of your time within the nursery. Whether you consult with a Winnipeg interior painting contractor or strike out on your own, with some careful planning, you can create a beautiful nursery for your new baby! Read More