What is The Best Color for The Living Room?

pink LRSome colors may not seem to be very popular for living rooms, but they are actually in high demand. It is simply a matter of shade and tone. Living room paint colors definitely extend beyond plain white or pale cream. Let’s spice up your living room with underrated but actually extremely popular choices.

Real families wear pink! And use it in their living rooms too! Pink? Really, pink? No, we haven’t gone round the bend. Shades of pink actually have been very popular for the living room for the past few years. While you probably think of a bright, childish tone, there are plenty of shades that work extremely well for a living room. Pink living room paint color is most effective when used in a matte, flat, or even chalky finish. A high gloss pink will look “childish”. A sophisticated pink, Mountbatten pink is a grayish pink that works extremely well with taupe and browns. For a refined living room, flesh or dusky pink tones are adult variations of pale, baby pink.  Pink is a creative and vibrant living room paint color and can add zest to a room, so consider pink when doing interior painting in Winnipeg. Read More


Interior Paint Trends for 2014

Trends in 2014The paint a homeowner uses can make the space the most inviting it can be. It can also be a focal point of the kitchen. It can be a conversation starter. It can create a specific mood. It can speak volumes about who the homeowner is as a person. It can make or break a design. It can make the cabinets and appliances pop. Whatever color choices the homeowner makes, they should be individual to the homeowner’s tastes. They should make him feel proud of his kitchen and make him want to spend time there. Read More


Top Living Room Paint Colors

Orange paint

Living Room Painted Orange

The living room may be one of the most versatile rooms in the home as it can serve many functions depending on the homeowner’s personal preferences. It may be the hub of activity and filled with people who desire to socialize, or it might be a quiet sanctuary in which books are read. It might be the entertainment area containing gaming consoles, DVD players and the television set. Determining the décor will largely be decided by the room’s basic function. Interior painting can be the easiest way to create the mood and atmosphere that is desired in this family oriented room. Trends in residential painting change with the seasons and there are presently some very popular colors that seem to be showing up everywhere. Which one works for your particular living room will be determined by the function and purpose of the room as well as the atmosphere you want to set. Here are some of the most popular paint colors that painting contractors in Winnipeg are being asked to use for today’s living Read More