Safe Paint Storage

Safe Paint StorageWhen it comes to paint, it’s not only important to secure the paint if you live on your own, but it’s especially important if you have little kids running around, animals or neighbor kids around the space in which you store your paint.  When it comes to paint though, most of the time we just pop the lid back on, place it in the attic or basement and forget about it until next time.  Whenever that is.  Then when it co is time to paint again you have to rummage around to find it, fuddle with the lid for 20 minutes to get it off, and who knows what you might find when you finally open the can.  Safe paint storage isn’t just about keeping yourself and others safe, it’s about being responsible for the paint and being able to reuse it again and again in the near future.  Here are a few things you might want to consider on both factors, when it comes to paint storage.  Paint is one of those products that almost everyone has a gallon or two of in their home – however, it can also become a hazardous waste if not used, stored or disposed of correctly. Read More