Nursery Design Trends for Boys

Nursery Design for BoysIt seems like when you read nursery articles these days, it’s all about girl’s rooms, what colors to paint the walls, what designs to use, etc.  If you’re having a boy and you want help with colors and designs, THIS is the article to read, not all those other ones because this is all about nursery design trends for boys, and I have included everything from the top color trends, to designs, and everything in between.  You can use the following ideas below for some inspiration in order to help you create an amazing, stylish, and calming place for your baby to play, eat and of course sleep.  Enjoy! Read More


Nursery Design Trends for Girls

Nursery Design for GirlsAre you looking for the perfect nursery theme for your little girl?  As your little one claims an extra special place in your heart and life, she will also claim a spot in your house as well.  When it comes to babies, people tend to use certain colors, designs, or even animals for boys or girls.  For this article though, we will be covering an array of design trends specifically for nurseries for girls.  These trends include popular colors, materials, patterns and designs and more.  So if you plan on having a girl or you are already pregnant, continue to read below to make your life a little easier and hopefully a lot less stressful.  This is an amazing time in your life, so the room should have good vibes and be made with love! Read More


Top Girl Colors

girls room decorAdmit it or not, girls and boys are different, and each gender has a view of the world unique to its own members. Sure, every kid has his or her own individual tastes, and every girl or boy is not going to agree with the group. The fact remains, though, that there still are colors that girls tend to choose over others, especially when it comes to a bedroom painting project. Whether the little girl in your life leans toward fairy princesses, ballet dancers, gardens, or even sports, choosing a color or color scheme is the first step to creating the bedroom of her dreams. No matter the age or personality, the preferences of girls when it comes to favorite colors remain as classic today as ever. Pinks and purples that express her individuality, greens and blues that enunciate her love of nature, and yellows and golds that articulate her sunny disposition and optimism for the future … these are the colors that girls in Winnipeg and throughout the country tend to choose to express their identities. Read More


Dangers of DIY Painting

painting toolsPainting isn’t rocket science. Perhaps that’s why it’s the most commonly performed DIY project in the home. After all, how hard can it be to take a roller or a paintbrush to a wall? In truth, it’s not easy at all! Painting the interior of your home yourself may sound like a good idea. It’s a big money- and time-saver, right? Not so, if you don’t know the ins and outs of painting, and of those there are many. First, you have to be knowledgeable about paint products. What are the different types, which is the best type to use in your climate, and most importantly, what’s the preparation required when using all those chemicals in your home? After you’ve answered those questions, you’ve got more. What’s involved in the prep work? How much money do you have to sink into equipment? When is it best to use a roller? What size paintbrush should you use where? What’s the best technique for painting hard-to-reach corners? And the list goes on and on. The information involved in getting a residential paint job right can seem endless, especially if you’re a novice. Here are some reasons why you might want to rethink going ahead with that DIY painting project. Read More


Best Colors for a Hallway

residential hallwayA hallway is a hallway, correct? It separates one side of your house from another. It has all those doors that open up into all those rooms. And, well, you walk down it (or up it, depending on your perspective). Simple as that, right? Not even close! You’d be surprised how much a great hallway can do for your home. And that doesn’t mean just tacking up a bunch of pictures of family members you haven’t seen in years. Read More


Unique Interior Accent Colors

Pink and green accent colors‘Making a statement’ … it’s a phrase you hear a lot these days. Everybody has a statement to make … on the job, in their personal lives, with how they dress and how they speak, and more so than ever, how they decorate their worlds. So why the greater emphasis on individuality now more than ever? Is it because people are just more creative than ever before? Doubtful. Perhaps it’s because we’re all trying to find our place in an ever-expanding global context, where individuals tend to get lost in the enormity of it all. And with all the tourism we get here in Manitoba, sometimes we feel like we just want to be heard. Read More


Monochromatic Bathroom Colors

vanity 1A monochromatic bathroom does not have to be stark hospital white. You can have a beautiful bathroom design with a little ingenuity. There are plenty of tricks that will allow you to have a monochromatic bathroom that isn’t plain, boring, and ordinary.

While it might be considered a little on the dull side, brown can mix into any bathroom design. Brown can be either a neutral background or a solid theme as part of a monochromatic bathroom design. It is a mixture of red, black and yellow and has many hues, tints, shades and tones.  When designing a modern bathroom in Winnipeg there are many colors to consider, do you go the traditional route with light blue or try something special and unique, hopefully we will encourage you to be more adventurous! Read More


Colors and Their Meanings

paint cans 2Color is a form of nonverbal communication. Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas.Color represents traditional, cultural, or religious ideas. Color can evoke feelings or physical reactions. For every color, there is both a positive and negative connotation. Color inspires us at a primitive level, and that inspiration can be translated to our interiors to be experienced daily.  When thinking of the best interior paint colors consider the meanings of those colors and then research the various shades of the colors you choose; if you need any help in choosing that perfect color simply contact a house painting contractor in Winnipeg and they will help you choose! Read More


Kitchen Paint Trends of 2014

Yellow is the Best Kitchen Color

Color Trends in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Meals are prepared there. Families gather there to eat and do homework. Guests gather in the kitchen to help or just have lively discussions. A home is not a home without a kitchen.

Many homeowners take great pride in their kitchens and feel it is the most important room in the home. For this reason, real estate experts say that a real estate deal can hinge on whether or not the kitchen is up to the standards of the buyer. It is also something that potential buyers envision transforming and making their own if they decide to purchase the house. Read More