Monochromatic Bathroom Colors

vanity 1A monochromatic bathroom does not have to be stark hospital white. You can have a beautiful bathroom design with a little ingenuity. There are plenty of tricks that will allow you to have a monochromatic bathroom that isn’t plain, boring, and ordinary.

While it might be considered a little on the dull side, brown can mix into any bathroom design. Brown can be either a neutral background or a solid theme as part of a monochromatic bathroom design. It is a mixture of red, black and yellow and has many hues, tints, shades and tones.  When designing a modern bathroom in Winnipeg there are many colors to consider, do you go the traditional route with light blue or try something special and unique, hopefully we will encourage you to be more adventurous! Read More


Trends in Bedroom Design

Bedroom paint

Dark Blue Bedroom

During the cooler months many homeowners make their home remodeling plans and as soon as the weather begins to get warmer they want to get started. One of the popular projects in interior remodeling is redoing the bedroom. There are several trends that have begun to surface this year in bedroom interior remodeling. There are several bedroom styles, décor and themes that homeowners in Atlanta GA are using this year. Each homeowner has the chance to express themselves through the décor and this keeps home remodeling exciting and invigorating. Here are a few of the current bedroom trends.

Bedroom Colors

Interior designers in Atlanta, GA are becoming bolder in the types of colors they blend together to create a color scheme for today’s bedroom. One of the most popular trends in the minimalist décor is to use clean lines along with simple geometric patterns to develop a theme or style. But what is different in interior remodeling this year is that the predominate colors for this style are not black and white. Instead brighter colors like purple, light green, red, turquoise, orange or yellow are all being used as accents and some of these are even the dominate colors used in today’s modern bedroom design. These colors can make a very bold statement but when used with calming or soft colors like white or cream they tend to be more relaxing and establish a warmer, calmer atmosphere. Classic colors are also being used for furnishings to help bring about a balance in the minimalist style. Read More


What is Modern Interior Design?

Modern interior design is a very popular décor and has been used for years in offices, public spaces as well as homes for many years. The modern design with its clean, crisp line and geometric simplicity can be very aesthetically appealing. The modern décor used for home remodeling in Phoenix can also be a very strong selling point when a home is put back on the market. It is important to note that modern and contemporary design are not the same thing. Contemporary has to do with the fluctuating current trends and styles in interior decoration while modern is its own design style which has remained unchanged for many years.

Forms and Shapes in Modern Interior Design

There are several elements that help create modern interior design and form is one of the most important elements to consider. Interior remodeling in Tempe which is using the modern design will need to create form and visual diversity by incorporating the use of geometric shapes such as rigid rectangles and squares and smooth curves. Everything incorporated into the modern design should be very simple and minimal with very few splashes of color or ornamental elements. Accessories should complement the décor without interrupting the flat surfaces and geometrically lined surfaces.

Types of Materials Used in Modern Interior Design

There are several types of materials incorporated into the modern design. Some of the most commonly used materials are wood and plastic. Wood can be a very versatile element and in some cases it is painted over with opaque finish to cover the natural pattern of the grains. Other times the natural geometry of the patterns is complementary to the interior design. Natural wood can also be used to provide an organic contrast to many of the other artificial materials and shapes. The signature materials associated with modern interior design are glossy metals like stainless steel. Metal is a component which is very versatile and can be used to accent nearly anything. It is commonly used for chair legs or lamps. Glass is another popular material used for interior remodeling in Tempe. Many designers like to use glass and plastic together as these two are very complimentary and provide a smooth, even surface which characterizes the modern interior décor.

Using Furniture in Modern Interior Design

Furnishings used in modern interior décor are generally polished, sleek and smooth. The pieces chosen to be incorporated into the design are simple and uncluttered. Typically they are built and used to serve a specific purpose. The design uses furnishings minimally, and uses only what is necessary to serve the purpose; this helps maintain the uncluttered look which is characteristic of the modern minimalist décor. The furnishings themselves are uncluttered with design and are rather plain and simple using the same geometric patterns as the rest of the décor.

Accessories and Color in Modern Interior Design

Color choices used for the modern home are typically pure like black, white or neutrals. A few splashes of primary colors will help provide aesthetic appeal and help prevent visual boredom. Most of the time today interior décor will use whites and neutrals and add colorful accents. While there are very few accessories used, there can be some simple unique pieces used in order to provide a focal point. Most accessories will be added to provide a small amount of color. For instance, artwork is commonly used rather than other traditional accessories. Area rugs are common in the modern décor but they are typically plain or designed with geometric patterns. This helps provide some accent colors and maintain the geometric balance of the interior design.


Author Bio: This post was written by Scott Hochuli.   Scott Hochuli is one of the owners of Hochuli Construction.  Hochuli Construction specializes in home remodeling in the Phoenix AZ area, they pride themselves on always delivering high quality services in bathroom and kitchen design, for more information please visit,  


Painting a Nursery

Girl's Nursery Painting

Colorful girl’s nursery room

Every family is filled with anticipation and excitement at the thought of welcoming home a new baby. You’ve probably spent a lot of time in the past few months preparing for the arrival of your child, and it can be an overwhelming as well as exciting experience! Part of the preparation work certainly involves creating a beautiful and inviting nursery for your baby, where he can eat, sleep, and grow safely and happily. Toward this goal, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Style, safety, and functionality are all important elements of a nursery as you and your child will spend much of your time within the nursery. Whether you consult with a Winnipeg interior painting contractor or strike out on your own, with some careful planning, you can create a beautiful nursery for your new baby! Read More


Ain’t No Ladder High Enough

Skydiving Duo

Son & I Skydiving

With summer drawing to a conclusion we slow down and there’s time to engage in more sedentary pursuits, even take off a weekend.  My son bless him, bullied his dad to join him in skydiving.  It wasn’t my notion of a restful weekend, however, it sure was exciting.

I’ll be glad to be back on a ladder.