Four Tips for Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting TipsWhen it comes time to repaint or remodel your bathroom, you need to understand that it’s not like all the other rooms in your home.  In most cases when you begin to paint your home, you CAN paint from one room to another using the same type of paint, maybe different colors though.  But, when it comes to the bathroom, you need to understand that when you come to the bathroom door, this is a place where you will definitely want to switch it up and change gears.  There are a few reasons for this.  First off, the bathroom is a moisture intensive room.  Therefore not just any paint is going to do.  Secondly, if you are painting a bathroom that has never been painted before, you WILL have issues with the paint sticking to the walls.  Lastly, since bathrooms tend to be the smaller rooms in the house, color options definitely do matter.  If you paint it too light, it looks stark.  Paint it too dark and it seems like a boxed in space.  If you want to paint the bathroom right, and do so the first time around, continue reading below on tips for bathroom painting, including a section on why hiring an interior painter in Winnipeg may be your best option.

Using Paint for Bathrooms

If you think that you can use just any paint on your bathroom walls, you are sadly mistaken!  You will need to either use paint specifically for the bathroom, or you will need to use paint that is appropriate for the bathroom.  What does this mean? This means that you will need a paint that has mold inhibiting agents and has better surface for resisting things like moisture – it is a bathroom after all, between brushing your teeth, taking baths and showers, moisture will end up on your walls.  The last thing you need is mold or mildew on them right after you got done painting.  If you can’t find any paint specifically for bathrooms, just look for something that is flat paint that can be possibly used in the bathroom or moisture ridden spaces.

Cleaning and Preparing the Walls

In spaces like your bedroom or living room, you can get away with not cleaning the walls properly.  But, in the bathroom and kitchen, this is a must.  Anywhere around where you might clean, such as the toilet and sink can have cleaning agents on the wall – your paint will not stick to this surface.  You also need to clean away grime, dirt, and soap scum because your paint job is most likely going to peel off IF you can even get the paint to stick in the first place.  Cleaning the walls is really easy; just use warm water and a bucket as well as a soft cloth to clean away any debris.  Do not use a cleaning agent, this is after all, what you are trying to remove off of the walls.

Light and Airy

If you want to make a bathroom seem bigger or airier, you should try to stay away from darker paints.  Instead, consider some lighter colors like light blue, light green, even light yellows work well.  It’s not necessarily recommended though, to use white paint in a bathroom, just because these tend to be harder to clean and keep looking clean.  When it comes to colors though, it’s your bathroom, if you want flat black paint as a setting for an accent wall, do it, but beware of the consequences if you do so!

Protect Your Assets

If you are remodeling or repainting your bathroom, you need to consider laying down drop cloths or tarps.  These are used when any interior painter visits your house to paint it and it will keep things like the floors and woodwork paint free.  Some materials are easy to get paint off of, others are near impossible.  Also, when possible, try to find cloth drop cloths or tarps, rather than plastic.  Plastic is not going to absorb paint, and if you happen to spill some paint and then step on it, well, it’s a slippery situation and you can seriously get injured.  Floors should be covered completely, from corner to corner and all the way to the baseboards.  Wood work should be taped with 2″ of painter’s tape – more if your woodwork is thicker.  Make sure you also tape your glass windows, moldings and glass shower frames.

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