Nursery Design Trends for Boys

Nursery Design for BoysIt seems like when you read nursery articles these days, it’s all about girl’s rooms, what colors to paint the walls, what designs to use, etc.  If you’re having a boy and you want help with colors and designs, THIS is the article to read, not all those other ones because this is all about nursery design trends for boys, and I have included everything from the top color trends, to designs, and everything in between.  You can use the following ideas below for some inspiration in order to help you create an amazing, stylish, and calming place for your baby to play, eat and of course sleep.  Enjoy!


One thing that boy and girl rooms have in common this year is sophistication.  Obviously this is going to be quite different in terms of colors and designs versus girl’s nursery’s, but the “theme” and reasoning behind it is still the same.  Gone are the days when little boys have trains, planes and automobiles as a theme in their room.  These days a child’s nursery is almost an extension of their parents taste and ideals.  So if you don’t use automobiles, what are you supposed to do?  Well, in this case, it’s less about car themes, and more about what designs you use such as art gallery pieces.  Just remember that while this is a trend, it’s still important that it focuses on making your baby feel warm, comforted and relaxed.  Another popular sophistication trend in the nursery? Luxury cribs.  When I was growing up, I think pretty much every baby probably had about the same crib I did.  These days it’s all about lush fabrics and tufted headboards!

Antique Accessories

If you don’t dig the option above, another design trend are antiques, reused and upcycled items.  These are items that are usually antiques, rather than the usual products and designs found in mainstream stores.  Some examples of antiques are tufted gliders for mom to sit on when she feeds the baby and lulls him to sleep, and rich silk velvets for the crib itself.  Check out artwork as well.  These items can be found virtually anywhere.  Just a note:  if you find anything painted that is also antique, make sure it’s not full of lead paint, and if it is, see if you can get it refinished and the paint taken off of it for a new look with new paint.


Name plates are really popular this year for girl’s nurseries, but I’ll admit name plates for the wall can be a little feminine and are perfect for girls.  For boys, you want to check out monograms.  These monograms add a really classy, yet simple touch to almost anything.  Consider adding them to bumpers for the crib, pillows, blankets, etc.  These can be customized and done by someone that has experience in sewing.  You can also find custom monogrammed products on sites like Etsy.

Paint for the Walls

So most of the time when we talk about boys and girls paint for their walls, we talk about blue for boys and pink for girls, but this isn’t necessarily a designated color.  You can and should choose different options!  There are three options this year for trending colors; gray, brown and gray and brown together.  Brown is one that is popping up quite a lot recently in different color schemes across the board.  Brown tends to be a really comforting color, but it’s also a darker color that tends to be more for boys.  The great thing about brown too is that this is a paint color for the walls that your interior painter in Winnipeg can place on the walls and not have to change for a few years.  Unlike something like sky blue or wallpaper with little trains on it, a brown wall can be continually used and never go out of date in terms of the age of your baby.  Be sure to incorporate brown with other colors too like blue or green.  I’m partial to blue and brown, I think these colors look fantastic together!  Gray, the other popular color this year, is also a great color for a nursery; just make sure that you are using it as an accent though, rather than just a dark gray room.  if you can find a light gray you really like, go for painting the entire room this color as far as the walls go and then adding in accents of different colors, but if you like a dark gray, accents are the way to go.

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