Nursery Design Trends for Girls

Nursery Design for GirlsAre you looking for the perfect nursery theme for your little girl?  As your little one claims an extra special place in your heart and life, she will also claim a spot in your house as well.  When it comes to babies, people tend to use certain colors, designs, or even animals for boys or girls.  For this article though, we will be covering an array of design trends specifically for nurseries for girls.  These trends include popular colors, materials, patterns and designs and more.  So if you plan on having a girl or you are already pregnant, continue to read below to make your life a little easier and hopefully a lot less stressful.  This is an amazing time in your life, so the room should have good vibes and be made with love!

Colors for Girls

It’s usually said that pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  Then you also have your neutral colors.  These colors are good for a few reasons.  First off, they allow you to be pregnant, without having to know the sex of the baby.  Some people just want it to be a surprise, especially parents that have had a hard time conceiving, and just want to be thankful for whatever sex they have.  Another good reason for neutral colors is if you don’t like blue and you don’t like pink or you simply want to think outside of the box!  Here, we have 2 color trends for girl’s rooms.  The first one is gender neutral – for a boy or a girl, and its navy.  Even if you don’t want to paint the room walls navy, which can sometimes have a dark effect rather bright effect, you can paint an accent wall using navy blue, add bedding with navy blue, or add accessories like diaper pails in navy blue.  The second color trend is gray and teal.  If you keep up with painting trends as far as interior painting goes, you know the last few years gray has been the top color!  So it’s no surprise that teal and gray are frontrunners in color trends.  Consider adding a chair rail to the wall and doing gray on the top and blue on the bottom, vertical stripes, teal and white bedding with a light gray wall – I really love Valspar Urban Sunrise. It’s gray, but light enough to make the room bright!

Anything Shiny

Another popular trend is anything that shines, that can include gold glitter hanger wall art, silver metallic painted stars on the walls and ceilings, or even shiny star musical mobiles.  For the gold glitter hanger wall art, you can actually make these yourself if you don’t want to spend a ton of money buying it from someone.  It just uses wooden hangers that you hot glue gold glitter to.  Instead of using the really fine glitter, you can use the chunkier glitter though.  Then you find some wall art you really like that will fit into the opening of the hanger, open it up, place the picture inside and hang on the wall.  For the silver metallic stars, these can of course be done by hand if you have a steady hand.  But, if not, you can find paint stencils for the walls.  These are made out of a really thin plastic and the “opening” is whatever shape or pattern you want, in this case starbursts.  You then place the stencil on the wall and paint the opening, pull the stencil away, and you have the shape of the opening – the stars.  These can be done with any metallic paint, but I love silver, especially on a white or light blue wall.

Not your Regular Crib!

It used to be that everyone sort of had the same type of crib.  Usually made of regular wood, and maybe it had a few etchings in it, painted different colors, or it even had some features like built in drawers.  But, these days the most popular trends are these really extravagant cribs – everything from themed cribs like the Cinderella’s magical carriage crib, to The Cars cribs.  Even more popular besides themed cribs are cribs made from luxurious wood usually exotic, and added features like rhinestones, tufted, and embellished moldings.  The more luxurious and extravagant, the more popular.

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