Paint Finishes for The Kitchen

Paint Finishes for The KitchenWhen it comes to certain spaces in your house, the type of paint really does matter because certain paints give off a certain smell even after they dry, certain paints are good for certain spaces (like the moisture of a bathroom) and some paint colors are going to look different in different rooms depending on things like natural and artificial light.  So when it comes to a paint finish for your kitchen, all of these factors might add up and leave you wondering about the BEST paint finishes for your eating space.  Thankfully you have articles like this one that want to help you find the best finishes for each room, or in this case, the kitchen specifically.  Here we will discuss some common kitchen painting trends, a few paint finishes, why they should be used in the kitchen, and the benefits of using them in this space.


High Gloss Paints

This is one of the more durable types of finishes for rooms that need a lite durability.  This is one of the easiest to clean paint sheens.  High gloss paints tend to be hard, incredibly shiny and they reflect a lot of light.  High gloss is a good choice for any room where you have kids or adults and sticky fingers from cooking that touch all sorts of things in a room such as cabinets, trim and doors.  While this wouldn’t be my number one choice for paint on a wall in a kitchen, it would go great for those aforementioned products that get touched a lot in a kitchen.



This is a paint that is quite often used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and even garages when necessary.  This type of finish is good for areas where you have a lot of moisture drips, but it’s also great for walls that have a lot of food and grease stains i.e.; the backsplash behind your stove or oven.  I like semi-gloss for walls because while it still does have some sheen, it’s not quite as shiny and smooth as the high gloss.  Semi-gloss is also a good option for trim work.  But, it works really nice on things in the kitchen which would include chair rails, trim and certain types of walls.  Again, the durability on semi-gloss is a lot like high gloss, in it’s a very high durability level.

Flat Paint with Ceramic Microspheres

If you really dislike the sheen or shiny look of semi-gloss or high gloss, I don’t blame you.  It gives the room somewhat of a cafeteria look because of the shiny paint.  If these are not the types of options you were looking forward to in this article, you do have another option.  It’s a flat paint, but it has ceramic microspheres in it.  Especially if this is a regular old flat paint, which as you know is somewhat similar to that of matte paint because it has no high gloss sheen or finish to it.  But, flat paint also tends to be very hard to clean – it’s one of the reasons most people choose to NOT use it in a kitchen.  However, the Ceramic Microspheres allow for a little sheen and smoothness, and the Ceramic Microspheres also sort of clog up the air bubbles in between the paint which closes the gaps between the paint.  Also, if you know anything about ceramic you know that it’s one of the easiest materials to clean, and with the addition of the spheres in this type of paint, it essentially makes it easier to clean and yet still beautiful enough to put in a kitchen.

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