Paint for The Bathroom

Mildew Resistant PaintMold resistant paint is a good idea for areas or rooms where mold is more susceptible.  These rooms include, but are not limited to bathrooms, garages and basements.  These rooms all have one thing in common; they tend to be moisture ridden rooms in your home.  Moisture and even a little bit of heat can cause an outbreak of mold, which is a problem considering mold can cause all sorts of health issues and damage to your home.  If you have a space in your house that you want to paint, but you think that mold is already present or that the room could be mold-friendly, it’s a good idea to use a mold resistant paint.  These are specifically meant to keep mold at bay.  These paints are available in any home improvement.  Here are a few things you need to know about mold resistant paint.


Use Mold Resistant Paint

Mold resistant paint, as mentioned above, keeps mold from growing.  Mold doesn’t just discolor your walls, and it’s not just bad for you to inhale, it can also eat away at the wall, drywall or any wood construction and essentially ruin the foundation and structures of your home.  While this can be fixed if checked periodically and caught in time, most home owners aren’t even aware they have mold in the first place, so it’s not something they even bother to check for.  Beyond just hurting your home, mold can also cause allergies, asthma attacks, sinus issues, joint pain and more, especially black mold!  Using a mold resistant paint is the best way to protect you, your family and your home from allowing this to happen.

As any top residential painter in Winnipeg will probably tell you, there are target rooms in which you will want to use this specific type of paint.  Anywhere heat, warmth, even steam will be, is a good place to use mold resistant paint.  This can include kitchens where you have a lot of heat coming from stovetops and ovens, but also have the introduction of steam, which is really just evaporated water; adding heat and water will cause mold.  You can also use this in bathrooms, on your walls, to protect them from any mold.  The steam from baths and showers, mixed with the warmth will without a doubt create a perfect hotbed for this type of activity.  Garages and basements are a good place to use this paint as well, especially basements that have a furnace, washer, dryer, heat pump, etc.  This all creates a warm and wet environment to produce mold.  Note:  Anti mold paint should only be used on a surface that is clean, mold free, dry, etc.  If you have mold on a surface, please make sure you clean the mold away, and let it dry completely before applying the paint, or you defeat the purpose entirely!  If you have something like drywall where the mold has gone through the wall and gone into the insides of your walls, you will need to remove the drywall completely and repair any rotted wood first, then re-install new walls and then paint!


Color Options

The manufactures that make mold resistant paint want you to have just as easy of a time applying this paint and picking out colors, as regular paint.  So if you are worried that the color options are going to be minimal, or that the application is going to be a pain, don’t.  The application is just like any other paint type out there; you may need to wait a little longer than regular paint, but the application to the wall is just like any other paint brand or type out there.  As far as colors go, mold resistant paint has all the colors of the rainbow and everything in between.  The only different between this paint and regular paint is that this paint contains certain anti-bacteria and anti-microbial ingredients to keep mold away.  There are various types, colors and brands of mold resistant paint manufactures out there and they can be found either by looking at stores like Home Depot or Lowes, or by contacting a residential painter.

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