Four Tips for Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting TipsWhen it comes time to repaint or remodel your bathroom, you need to understand that it’s not like all the other rooms in your home.  In most cases when you begin to paint your home, you CAN paint from one room to another using the same type of paint, maybe different colors though.  But, when it comes to the bathroom, you need to understand that when you come to the bathroom door, this is a place where you will definitely want to switch it up and change gears.  There are a few reasons for this.  First off, the bathroom is a moisture intensive room.  Therefore not just any paint is going to do.  Secondly, if you are painting a bathroom that has never been painted before, you WILL have issues with the paint sticking to the walls.  Lastly, since bathrooms tend to be the smaller rooms in the house, color options definitely do matter.  If you paint it too light, it looks stark.  Paint it too dark and it seems like a boxed in space.  If you want to paint the bathroom right, and do so the first time around, continue reading below on tips for bathroom painting, including a section on why hiring an interior painter in Winnipeg may be your best option. Read More


Remodeling the Bathroom

blue bathRemodeling your bathroom can be one of the most costly rooms of your home to upgrade or renovate.  The bathroom has been said to be the second most vital and expensive area of the house, second only to the kitchen.  However, it can also be one of the most rewarding project. Read More


Monochromatic Bathroom Colors

vanity 1A monochromatic bathroom does not have to be stark hospital white. You can have a beautiful bathroom design with a little ingenuity. There are plenty of tricks that will allow you to have a monochromatic bathroom that isn’t plain, boring, and ordinary.

While it might be considered a little on the dull side, brown can mix into any bathroom design. Brown can be either a neutral background or a solid theme as part of a monochromatic bathroom design. It is a mixture of red, black and yellow and has many hues, tints, shades and tones.  When designing a modern bathroom in Winnipeg there are many colors to consider, do you go the traditional route with light blue or try something special and unique, hopefully we will encourage you to be more adventurous! Read More