Nursery Design Trends for Girls

Nursery Design for GirlsAre you looking for the perfect nursery theme for your little girl?  As your little one claims an extra special place in your heart and life, she will also claim a spot in your house as well.  When it comes to babies, people tend to use certain colors, designs, or even animals for boys or girls.  For this article though, we will be covering an array of design trends specifically for nurseries for girls.  These trends include popular colors, materials, patterns and designs and more.  So if you plan on having a girl or you are already pregnant, continue to read below to make your life a little easier and hopefully a lot less stressful.  This is an amazing time in your life, so the room should have good vibes and be made with love! Read More


Trends in Bedroom Design

Bedroom paint

Dark Blue Bedroom

During the cooler months many homeowners make their home remodeling plans and as soon as the weather begins to get warmer they want to get started. One of the popular projects in interior remodeling is redoing the bedroom. There are several trends that have begun to surface this year in bedroom interior remodeling. There are several bedroom styles, décor and themes that homeowners in Atlanta GA are using this year. Each homeowner has the chance to express themselves through the décor and this keeps home remodeling exciting and invigorating. Here are a few of the current bedroom trends.

Bedroom Colors

Interior designers in Atlanta, GA are becoming bolder in the types of colors they blend together to create a color scheme for today’s bedroom. One of the most popular trends in the minimalist décor is to use clean lines along with simple geometric patterns to develop a theme or style. But what is different in interior remodeling this year is that the predominate colors for this style are not black and white. Instead brighter colors like purple, light green, red, turquoise, orange or yellow are all being used as accents and some of these are even the dominate colors used in today’s modern bedroom design. These colors can make a very bold statement but when used with calming or soft colors like white or cream they tend to be more relaxing and establish a warmer, calmer atmosphere. Classic colors are also being used for furnishings to help bring about a balance in the minimalist style. Read More