Monochromatic Bedroom Colors

bedroom-officeWhen you think of a monochromatic color scheme, you immediately think of just blue or only green. Technically, you are right. And wrong. There are plenty of tricks and rules that will allow you to have a bedroom that isn’t bland, boring, and blah.

The rule is a monochromatic color scheme consists of a single COLOR that is either left pure OR mixed with grey, black OR white ONLY. Read More


Painting a Girls Room

Girls Room Painting

Girl’s room can be painted in colors other than pink

Most people think that the idea of blue for boys and pink for girls is strongly based in tradition. In fact, as late as the 1920s, the reverse was true! Today, these rules are quickly giving way to much more creative approaches when it comes to room design for children of all ages. Even so, a pink nursery for a baby girl or a bright pink room for your tween can be blended with other interior painting design elements to create a modern and unique look. Read More


Painting a Boys Room

Boys Room Painting

Younger boys’ room

The old tradition of blue for boys and pink for girls is fading away, and families now choose amongst many more creative uses of colors and patterns in children’s rooms. While this opens up many new possibilities, it can also be daunting to find just the right style for your room. If you’re thinking about redoing your child’s room, or if you’re welcoming a new addition to your family, read on to find out how to update your Winnipeg home’s interior to fit your young (or older) boy. Read More


Top Bedroom Paint Colors

Bedroom paint

Dark Blue Bedroom

Choosing the right colors for interior painting in bedrooms can be a very difficult task. On one hand you want to create a relaxing atmosphere so that it is calming after a long day’s work. This helps foster a good night’s sleep. But at the same time the area is typically used in the morning when preparing to get ready for the day when you really need a burst of energy to get going. It is possible to choose the right balance of colors to set the mood in this very important room. There are several trending colors being used in residential painting projects this year that can help homeowners create the desired mood for this room. Read More