What are The Shades of White?

Polar Bear WhiteWhite … boring? Not even close! The truth about white is that it’s never been more popular, and the reasons are obvious. White is timeless. White holds an enduring beauty, with its feeling of clean freshness and abiding immortality. White can do just about anything it puts its mind to in your home. Painting a room with white brings out its original glorious splendor. It can transform a dull, dreary room into a dazzling living space that brings with it a whole new vigor. If you thought white was the last color you wanted to paint your home with, try some of the new shades and tones of white, and watch your home go from dim to radiant! Read More


Colors and Their Meanings

paint cans 2Color is a form of nonverbal communication. Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas.Color represents traditional, cultural, or religious ideas. Color can evoke feelings or physical reactions. For every color, there is both a positive and negative connotation. Color inspires us at a primitive level, and that inspiration can be translated to our interiors to be experienced daily.  When thinking of the best interior paint colors consider the meanings of those colors and then research the various shades of the colors you choose; if you need any help in choosing that perfect color simply contact a house painting contractor in Winnipeg and they will help you choose! Read More


Interior Paint Trends for 2014

Trends in 2014The paint a homeowner uses can make the space the most inviting it can be. It can also be a focal point of the kitchen. It can be a conversation starter. It can create a specific mood. It can speak volumes about who the homeowner is as a person. It can make or break a design. It can make the cabinets and appliances pop. Whatever color choices the homeowner makes, they should be individual to the homeowner’s tastes. They should make him feel proud of his kitchen and make him want to spend time there. Read More


Top Paint Colors for the Master Bedroom

Paint Chips

Paint Chip Color

The detail and design of your master bedroom is extremely important. It should include the right colors to give a relaxing and leisurely atmosphere that you can enjoy with those close to you. There are certain combinations of colors that compliment each other and some that will not go well together at all. Use this little guide to get ideas on how to tie your furniture and accessories into the interior painting you choose for your Winnipeg bedroom. Read More