Which Home Remodeling Projects Offer The Best Return on Investment?

weather-strippingFor homeowners, especially those that are planning to sell a home or increase the value, getting a return on their investment is the goal. Some improvements do not do much for the value of a home but do add to the overall appeal. This is important to remember. As an average, solely speaking in those terms, the return on investment ranges from 50 – 75 percent, but does vary per project.

Spruce up the Curb Appeal

When talking curb appeal, this is what passersby see as they drive past your home. It is what potential home buyers see as they pull into the driveway. Curb appeal is the first impression of the home, and it must be a good one. Read More


Common House Painting Questions

Project After Exterior Painting

Project After Painting

There are many questions that come to mind that you should ask your house painting contractor in Winnipeg before they start painting your home. There are many factors to consider when deciding on who to hire. Follow these steps and you should be able to find the best contractor for your job. Read More


Interior Paint Color Trends

Interior painting

Interior Paint Project

Trends in interior paint colors come and go much like what is seen in the fashion world. For a few years we will witness certain colors being used for various residential painting projects and eventually those will slowly disappear and be replaced with new “favorites.” Over the last few years interior design has seen color schemes change from deeper earth tones to bolder brighter colors and then make a transition on to the black and white of the minimalist décor. But in the last year or so we’ve seen interior residential painting start shifting back to softer colors which are more closely related to pastels. Since the latest trends have given us new neutrals to work with, softer colors go well with today’s interior design without having to make too many drastic changes. Here are some of the more popular colors used for interior painting in today’s home. Read More