What are The Shades of Orange?

OrangeOrange is the hotshot of 2014. From fashion to Hollywood to house painting and more, orange is back and it’s not going away anytime soon. Not since the 1970s has orange been so popular, and its popularity is only growing. But today’s oranges … well, they’re not like those oranges of yesterday. They’re definitely more pleasing to look at. They’re vivacious and vibrant. They’re soft and subdued. Today’s variations on the color orange can be anything you want them to be, and that’s why orange is the color to beat in 2014 and into 2015. If you’re planning an interior or exterior house painting project this year in your Winnipeg home, think orange, for something new, something fun, and something that can transform your home from boring to brilliant. Read More


Winter House Painting Tips

Exterior home remodel prep

Prepping a home for painting

When painting the exterior of a home in Winnipeg, homeowners should consider painting during the summer months. This is when the temperature of the surface to paint and the air to dry the paint are optimal. Also a homeowner should keep in mind that fillers and primers need warm temperatures. If considering painting a house in the winter, a homeowner should, if at all possible, reconsider. There are many things that will work against someone who paints their home in the winter. Read More


Interior Painting and Natural Light

Bathroom Color Trends

Natural Bathroom Colors

To choose the right paint colors for your home, you need to realize how the natural light in your home affects the paint. You will have to adjust your colors accordingly to make them truly look right. You need to check out all the different lighting conditions that might be encountered during the time that you spend in that room. The position of the sun in the sky and the direction in which the light is coming from all have a factor in the way you see your color. When making the final decision on what color to use, be sure to keep all these things in mind. You can best make a decision by finding a color that is close to what you want and getting a paint swatch to see how the color is affected throughout the day in your home. Here are some things you can come to expect the natural light to affect on in your home. Read More


Cost of a Bad House Painter

Project Before Exterior Painting

House painting

A bad house painter can make the difference between your house getting sold and it still being on sale. An unprofessional company can include having bad work, misses, drips, or even paint spills on your new carpet. Too many homeowners have gotten use to the service that many offer when it comes to paint. Here are a few ways that you can spot a company that will not work out in your favor and how in the long run you will be better off without them. Read More


Can You Tell The Difference?

Mercedes Benz

New Mercedes Car


Old Mercedes Benz

Old Mercedes

One of the periodic challenges we have is establishing value.

We fill out the estimate form with the details of the work to be provided and the prospective client’s eye goes straight to the price. Then a comment along the lines of “Bairn’s with Brushes painting company can do the work for a lot less.” I’ll bet they can.

You can immediately tell the difference between the two Mercedes and know why one would cost more than the other. Check out our information at

You are spending a lot of money to get your home painted. IMHO you need to spend a little time to establish what you are getting for the outlay.