What are The Shades of Blue?

BlueBlue is such a wonderful color, isn’t it? Ask anybody what one of their favorite colors is, and nearly everyone you canvass will answer with some tint or shade of blue. Blue is a mystery that can’t be explained. It’s considered a cold color, and yet it makes you feel so warm. It’s the color of the vast ocean and boundless sky, and yet it feels so cozy, like an old friend. It’s mighty and infinite, while still feeling comfortable and familiar. The color blue is the world’s favorite because it just makes you feel so darned good.
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What are The Shades of Orange?

OrangeOrange is the hotshot of 2014. From fashion to Hollywood to house painting and more, orange is back and it’s not going away anytime soon. Not since the 1970s has orange been so popular, and its popularity is only growing. But today’s oranges … well, they’re not like those oranges of yesterday. They’re definitely more pleasing to look at. They’re vivacious and vibrant. They’re soft and subdued. Today’s variations on the color orange can be anything you want them to be, and that’s why orange is the color to beat in 2014 and into 2015. If you’re planning an interior or exterior house painting project this year in your Winnipeg home, think orange, for something new, something fun, and something that can transform your home from boring to brilliant. Read More


Unique Interior Accent Colors

Pink and green accent colors‘Making a statement’ … it’s a phrase you hear a lot these days. Everybody has a statement to make … on the job, in their personal lives, with how they dress and how they speak, and more so than ever, how they decorate their worlds. So why the greater emphasis on individuality now more than ever? Is it because people are just more creative than ever before? Doubtful. Perhaps it’s because we’re all trying to find our place in an ever-expanding global context, where individuals tend to get lost in the enormity of it all. And with all the tourism we get here in Manitoba, sometimes we feel like we just want to be heard. Read More


Monochromatic Bedroom Colors

bedroom-officeWhen you think of a monochromatic color scheme, you immediately think of just blue or only green. Technically, you are right. And wrong. There are plenty of tricks and rules that will allow you to have a bedroom that isn’t bland, boring, and blah.

The rule is a monochromatic color scheme consists of a single COLOR that is either left pure OR mixed with grey, black OR white ONLY. Read More


Colors and Their Meanings

paint cans 2Color is a form of nonverbal communication. Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas.Color represents traditional, cultural, or religious ideas. Color can evoke feelings or physical reactions. For every color, there is both a positive and negative connotation. Color inspires us at a primitive level, and that inspiration can be translated to our interiors to be experienced daily.  When thinking of the best interior paint colors consider the meanings of those colors and then research the various shades of the colors you choose; if you need any help in choosing that perfect color simply contact a house painting contractor in Winnipeg and they will help you choose! Read More


Interior Paint Color Trends

Interior painting

Interior Paint Project

Trends in interior paint colors come and go much like what is seen in the fashion world. For a few years we will witness certain colors being used for various residential painting projects and eventually those will slowly disappear and be replaced with new “favorites.” Over the last few years interior design has seen color schemes change from deeper earth tones to bolder brighter colors and then make a transition on to the black and white of the minimalist décor. But in the last year or so we’ve seen interior residential painting start shifting back to softer colors which are more closely related to pastels. Since the latest trends have given us new neutrals to work with, softer colors go well with today’s interior design without having to make too many drastic changes. Here are some of the more popular colors used for interior painting in today’s home. Read More