How to Paint Exterior Brick

Paint Exterior BrickBrick homes, albeit nice for design, are also notoriously known for being a pain when it comes to painting them.  Some people would rather just leave well enough alone, but let’s be honest, brick is like any other surface material, after a few years it sort of requires an update.  If you have a brick home and you are wanting to paint it, you might be hearing all sorts of horror stories about how difficult this will be, and while that’s technically true, if you have the right tools, know-how and knowledge (which you hopefully find in this article!) you can easily and efficiently paint your brick house without all the unneeded headaches that CAN come with this project.  Below you will find exact steps you need to take to paint brick, what you will need to paint, as well as some tips and tricks along the way. Read More


How to Paint Interior Brick

Interior BrickBrick is one of those things that can look really amazing in a home.  Unless of course that brick is dirty, discolored or needs a new coat of paint!  If you have a brick wall of any kind in your home and it’s starting to look really worn, dirty or old and you want to update it to match the rest of the house or just let it shine on in its own beautiful way, you will make good by painting the brick.  Funny, but not a lot of people realize you CAN paint brick, it just takes a little finesse and some patience to do so.  Below you will find some generalized steps on how to paint brick, as well as tools and products you will need. Read More


How to Paint Wood Windows

Wood WindowsPainting windows can be an easy project, if you know what you’re doing.  Since this is pretty easy, you probably won’t need a house painter in Winnipeg, but hey people hire service men and women for all sorts of reasons, not just because they don’t know how to do something.  If you lack time, for instance, hire someone to do this for you.  Below, we will be going over two different styles of windows and how to paint them, as well as a special section on how to open a painted shut window, also very easy to do; you just need to have the right tools to do it. Read More


“Elasto what?”

Elasto Paint

Moisture Trapped Behind Elastomeric Paint

One of the most common questions I get asked is “What about that Elasto paint isn’t it supposed to be the best paint for stucco.”

When elastomeric coatings were introduced you saw ads headed “Lifetime Warranty”  “Guaranteed for life” “Never Paint again” and other hyperbole.  It was marketed as a magic cure-all for all stucco and other masonry surfaces – it was also used to jack the price beyond reason.  I have seen quotes where they are charging double what it could conceivably be worth based on the perceived magic properties.  Needless to say when it sounds to good to be true it often is. Read More