What is High Gloss paint?


The Glow of High Gloss Paint

The Glow of High Gloss Paint

Interior painting in Winnipeg is not a new thing and has been used in many different forms for years. But over the last few years different materials and mass production have made it possible for homeowners and interior designers to have far more choices. With more modern choices high gloss paint is not used as much as it used to be for interior painting but there are many applications in which high gloss paint is the perfect solution and no other type of paint will do.  Today, Winnipeg home owners have many choices when in comes to paint for both the interior and exterior of the home. Read More


Types of Exterior Paint

Solvent Based Paint

Solvent Based Yellow Paint

One of the most important aspects of a DIY exterior painting project is choosing the right type of paint. When choosing the correct paint there are several things to consider such as the type and condition of the surface to be painted, the age of the surface as well as the paint that was used previously on the surface, if any. There are basically two types of paint that are used for exterior house painting in Winnipeg. The paints that might be used fall into either a water based latex paint or a solvent based paint, also called oil based or alkyds. Latex paints use water for the liquid part of the composition while oil based paints use a petroleum distillate mixed with other organic solvents for the liquid base. Nearly three fourths of all paints sold today are latex varieties. The do-it-yourselfer uses latex or water based paints for both interior and exterior painting projects. It is important to select the best paint type for a particular project. Read More


Types of Interior Paint

Tools for Painting

Types of painting supplies

When preparing to do an interior painting project, it can seem like there are too many different types of paints from which to choose. For the most part, there are really only two basic types of paint as interior paint is typically either water based or oil based. The area of the house that is being painted is one of the biggest influencing factors that determine which type of paint is best for that particular room. When considering interior painting in the kitchen, Winnipeg homeowners will want something that is durable but very easy to clean or keep clean; but for painting the living room they may want a totally different type of finish or paint as it is not as likely to become as dirty as other areas of the home. With today’s green mentality another very important consideration when preparing for house painting is the VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which are present in the paint. There are three basic paints that are used for interior painting projects. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and may be suitable for one area and not another. Read More


“Elasto what?”

Elasto Paint

Moisture Trapped Behind Elastomeric Paint

One of the most common questions I get asked is “What about that Elasto paint isn’t it supposed to be the best paint for stucco.”

When elastomeric coatings were introduced you saw ads headed “Lifetime Warranty”  “Guaranteed for life” “Never Paint again” and other hyperbole.  It was marketed as a magic cure-all for all stucco and other masonry surfaces – it was also used to jack the price beyond reason.  I have seen quotes where they are charging double what it could conceivably be worth based on the perceived magic properties.  Needless to say when it sounds to good to be true it often is. Read More