Painting Ceramic Tile

Paint Ceramic TileOh, your beautiful, elegant, stylish ceramic tile floor … what in the world happened to it? It’s a mess! All those years of kids, and pets, and, well, kids plundering it, with all their filth … oh, what a toll all those years have taken on that beautiful ceramic tile. The color is faded. The tiles are dingy. And the grout, well, forget it. It’s a lost cause. But is it? Do you really have to purchase and install a whole new floor? No way! As long as your ceramic tile is still in decent shape, all you have to do is paint it! Seriously, there’s really no reason to go to all the unnecessary expense of purchasing a whole new floor or kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor just because the ceramic tile is dingy or the color is outdated. Instead of throwing money (and not to mention time) away on new ceramic tile, paint it. Painting ceramic tile is one of the easiest interior painting projects in the home. Here are some tips on tile painting that can refresh and rejuvenate that dingy old ceramic tile in no time at all.
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Which Home Remodeling Projects Offer The Best Return on Investment?

weather-strippingFor homeowners, especially those that are planning to sell a home or increase the value, getting a return on their investment is the goal. Some improvements do not do much for the value of a home but do add to the overall appeal. This is important to remember. As an average, solely speaking in those terms, the return on investment ranges from 50 – 75 percent, but does vary per project.

Spruce up the Curb Appeal

When talking curb appeal, this is what passersby see as they drive past your home. It is what potential home buyers see as they pull into the driveway. Curb appeal is the first impression of the home, and it must be a good one. Read More