"2000 sq. ft., 10 colours, less than two days!"

Below is an email from one of our many happy customers from 2009:

Hi Stephen,

Here's the best of the pics I got, in some of them the flash picks up the suspended dust particles in the air. I sent you as many as I thought gave a good comparison, they're arranged by room and angle.
Once again, thank you for a great job, we couldn't be happier. I'm sure you're pleased as well, now that you can say you did a 2000 sq. ft. house, in 10 different colours, in under two days! I'll give you a reference anytime you like.


Dining room:

Dining room before

During (Left-hand wall done)

After. Vertical lines are reflections off the chandelier

Family room :

Family room before

Turned over to Stephen in this condition (The mirror adhesive absolutely destroyed the drywall) you can see where the previous owner painted without removing the mirrors, leaving stripes of primer exposed.

During (stubborn drywall and two different colours/sheens of existing paint above the mantle required extra attention).

And after, a beautiful transformation.

Master bedroom :

Master bedroom before.

Master bedroom before.

And after (The fuzzy spots are dust particles on the lens/in the air):


You can see a reflection in the beautiful finish

Other rooms: