Elvis with painters
We paint for Elvis — alive
and living in the North End
Stephen's Edge Painting accepts award

Stephen's Edge wins Community Contribution
award from the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Man and woman jumping in living room

Even our mature clients find our royal
treatment and process irresistibly joyful!

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happy clients

Magazine feature about Stephen's Edge

Cobblestones Magazine

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Volunteers painting Rossbrook

Day of Caring — Giving back to the community

Stephen's Edge was chosen by the Winnipeg Chamber
of Commerce in collaboration with the United Way to
lead and manage volunteers in painting Rossbrook
House - a drop in centre for kids

Giles, special painting volunteer

Giles Linnington - special painting volunteer

United Way Winnipeg logo

"Thank you so much for sharing your
expertise and so ably managing our
painting project"

Gorgeous Winnipeg home

It's so nice to have lunch by one of Winnipeg's
wonderful rivers. The home above had one of the most
beautiful back yards we've worked in so far. We actually
watched the fish jump. Quality paint job too 100%
acrylic primer and 2 coats ICI Weatherbeater!

Stephen's mother

Stephen's Ma without whom none of this would be possible

Stephen's father


Character home in Winnipeg's Middlegate

Restoring a beautiful character
home on Middlegate

250 hours to complete this painting job

Painting your own home can be a lot of fun! Don't forget to plan for the time. The above gorgeous home close to downtown took nearly 250 hours to complete. That's doing it properly of course!

Paint Shaver tool in action

The Paint Shaver in action. A unique tool we acquired from the USA which literally removes 90% of the paint. It adds about $2,000 or so to a typical house totally clad in wood siding however well worth the effort as the end result is like dealing with a new surface. One of the problems we periodically come across is that when a house is scraped there is still some of the old surface left. When you add primer and or paint to the surface as the volatile organic compounds evaporate it causes a pulling action on the old paint which can result in small failures. Using this treatment eliminates that.

Wasp nest removed from exterior

Wasps are a regular irritant when working outside in the summer. This enormous Hornets nest with critters the size of German Shepherds exceeded all our previous experience and several cans of Hornet spray. No charge!

Painters in school graduation photo

Sometimes we are treated like extended family while working at a client's home. This client was taking pictures of her son's graduation and somehow the painters ended in the picture!

Interior of Manitoba Theatre for Young People

We are asked sometimes whether we do interiors as we don't have many pictures of interiors on our site. It's about a 50/50 split, we just don't have the skills to capture on film the difference. This is a picture of work we completed at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. Every wall a different colour, 30 feet ceilings and wall damage from thousands of over exuberant would be actors. Yes we do interiors!

Ballroom ceiling

Restoring a ballroom ceiling to its original splendor