"Chapter W210-10/02 - The
Workplace Safety and Health Act"

New legislation for 2007. In candour we haven't absorbed all 343 Pages yet. We are however working towards being safety certified by the end of 2008. What are the implications for you the consumer and us as Contractors?

We are Painters not translators of legislative intent that being said it is our impression (in our opinion) that it's all about responsibility. That's why it's so important that your Contactor is in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board. In the event of an accident the Board will pay the injured worker irrespective of whether there is coverage or not and then they will seek out someone who can replenish their shortfall. If the Contractor has up-to-date coverage AND is following appropriate safety practices all is well, except for the injured worker that is. If appropriate practices haven't been followed or there is no coverage in place then don't be surprised if you the consumer will be expected to either share some of the cost or in the event of a semi-solvent Contractor bear the brunt of the cost.

There's a very real cost to safety on the job and our client on Grosvenor recognized that and was prepared to accept the additional cost in order to ensure that a) the job was done properly and b) the job was done safely.

This particular home was approximately 35 feet to the peak with awkward abutments and angles so High Rise Scaffolding was called in to assemble a safe work platform on all sides of the building.

Good quality scaffolding professionally erected with the appropriate safety barriers because it's a long way down!

The scaffolding allowed us safer easier access to the work surfaces. We used several coats of Flood solid stain. Proper practices and top end product means it will be a long time before the client has to undergo the same effort again.

The end result was truly grand. Also, happy clients and safe workers. What was the cost?
Compared to a Contractor who might have tried to do the job from ladders - about a 20% difference would be an educated guess.

And what did our clients have to say. "On time, on budget, went the extra mile. It was a pleasure to work with you."